Service One

Battlefield Training and simulation

Applied Pyro-Technology to Modern Battlefield Training and Simulation provides realistic theater of war scenarios and thus stress inoculation to the combatants. Whilst the usage of laser or radio-frequency based training systems allow for very sophisticated weapon training, the visibility on the training ground is only achieved through pyrotechnic battle- and weapon effects. Pyrotechnic effects support a variety of trainings such IED Awareness, MOUT, Force on Force, Force on Target and ManPADS exercises.

signal and illumination

Reconnaissance of ground forces during night operations is a prerequisite. Parachute Illumination Cartridges/Rockets provide appropriate visibility during missions at night. Besides the illumination in the visual range, infra-red illumination flares enhance the capability of night vision goggles. Signal Flares in a variety of colors and configurations provide also an appropriate means of communication on the battle field.
Service Two
Service Three

Minefield Breaching Systems

Generally, a minefield creates an obstacle which will take out the momentum of movements of military forces. To maintain e.g. the advance of the troops and not to reroute to a position favoring the enemy forces a fast and effective way to overcome this hindrance is essential in combat. The Portable Explosive Minefield Breaching System (PEMBS) offers a quick and effective way to safely eliminate deployed land-mines as well as man-made obstacle such as triple barbed wires.

Civil Pyrotechnic

Although in comparison a relatively small but nonetheless important product range has been developed and produced during the last 4 decades. Various civil industries use our customized products and technological solutions to close capability gaps. These are primarily remotely controlled gas-pressure generators to activate mechanical systems such as fire extinguishing systems, cable cutters and opening roofs.  Mechanical and electric ignition systems provide a reliable means to ignite a variety of products including pyrotechnic compositions and the ignition of primary explosives. Smoke generators to measure the airflow and thus the effectiveness of air-conditioning systems is another area of expertise.

Service Three